PigeonBike Press, 2019, 53 Poems

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53 poems. 
PigeonBike Press
PigeonBike Press
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Epic Rites Press
Corrupt Press
Corrupt Press
PigeonBike Press
PigeonBike Press
Sonofabitch Poems
The beauty of the poems lies in the scattered, often shotgun detail
- George Anderson
Powerful, tender, compelling, tough-minded
- Penn Kemp
These poems are like Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson’s character in the 1974 movie "Death Wish"
- John Yamrus​​​​​​
Half Myths & Quarter Legends
A collection of poems that will destroy your preconceptions of how stories are told and redefine what visceral literature is
- Lawrence Gladeview
Half Myths & Quarter Legends is not a book of horror, nor is it cemented in shrouds of black. It’s more a case of reality refusing to disappear
- Andreas Gripp
Raymond writes poems like novels — if novels were lives that could be smashed against a wall in anger and pieced back together in the morning
 - Wolfgang Carstens
The mundane polished to a sheen of sublime.
- Jay Passer​​​​​​​
Lets a reader dwell in the unpleasant pleasures of annoyance
- Andrew Bailey
The skeletal story that makes up the chapbook is based on the biblical martyr Antipas, who perished in the well-worn service of good v. evil. It features a faceless/nameless cast waging battle in a brief but tortured drama, the fractured scenes of which Raymond stretches out to fit over themes of revenge, rage, sin and sacrifice with tough, raw, sinewy language. As opposed to some of Raymond’s more immediate work "anTipas" is an alm of High Modernism for a post post-modern age – and one that offers a deeper dive for the reader.
- Domesday Notebook
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