It was cherished 
beyond all the other books
its pages read
‘til they fell
from the bindings
she ran inside
the second he’d
cut a sprig
belting out:
it’s like rogue oregano
comes back every year
taking over the damn garden…
she slipped the tome
from the shelf
flipped to great-gran’s recipe
for “fabled” lamb
written in exotic cursive
they didn’t teach anymore
with notes
from aunts and daughters —
her own mother had used a ruler
to underline some ingredients
cross out others – faintly
so the original still showed through —
with suggested substitutions
with a scribe’s reverence
she penciled in
below the loops
and curlicues
to the right of the word
“A collection of poems that will destroy your preconceptions of how stories are told and redefine what visceral literature is​.”
– Lawrence Gladeview

​”Half Myths & Quarter Legends is not a book of horror, nor is it cemented in shrouds of black. It’s more a case of reality refusing to disappear.”
– Andreas Gripp

Half Myths & Quarter Legends, Epic Rites Press, Canada

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